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Meteor Strike Media is a 21st-century publishing company dedicated to introducing Korean culture to the larger Western world. From direct translations to complete English localizations, as well as from online hosting to physical books, Meteor Strike Media has your back when you want to publish your content for maximum impact.

Quality Translations

Meteor Strike Media hires only the best Korean translators, after having potential applicants undergo a rigorous multi-step screening process.

Complete Localization

Our novel “Complete Localization” process guarantees at least six sets of eyes on every chapter, ensuring the original meaning of the work is preserved while properly resonating with Western audiences.

Premium Publishing

Our knowledge of the Western market, combined with our strategic business relationships and physical print distributors permit us to uniquely tailor our publishing and marketing strategies to each novel.

Read Anywhere

Meteor Strike Media’s custom platform, launching Q4 2020, will optimally monetize our licensed works while allowing customers to read on their desktop, tablet, or phone.

Our Team

Reachable Customers

Exclusive Stories


Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Spread Korean Stories Across the World

In early 2019, most Korean translations were hosted on outdated blogs on the far reaches of the internet. These translations were done illegally and of subpar quality, resulting in a degeneration of the original work. Furthermore, these series could be stopped at any time by the original publisher enforcing their copyright, preventing fans from accessing potential stories.

Meteor Strike Media was founded in such an environment to change this narrative. We saw the potential Korean media has in the greater Western market, and have since dedicated ourselves to becoming the bridge eliminating these inefficiencies in this rapidly-expanding market.


Meet The Founders

Joshua Cayetano

Co-Founder & CEO

As a visionary, Joshua utilizes his previous startup experiences to lead MSM toward a bigger and brighter future. With three degrees from Antioch University, Argosy University, and Lake Washington Tech, “Josh” compounds knowledge with experience to be the best fit as our CEO. 

Jacob Schlossman

Co-Founder & COO

A graduate from the University of California Los Angeles, Jacob brings his skills in project administration to oversee all aspects of the MSM enterprise, from translation to platform management.  

Mikhail Lujan

Co-Founder & CFO

Mikhail works dutifully to balance our spreadsheets, cost analyses, and financial projections. From experience working with the U.S. Embassy in Peru to experience in accounting, Mikhail’s skills are critical for the daily operation of the company.

Success Stories

Kickstarter Funding

On July 1st, we launched a Kickstarter to raise capital for a physical production one of our licenses, I’m Only A Stepmother But My Daughter Is Just So Cute!. Thanks to our successful marketing efforts, we blew past our original $10,000 goal to raise a whopping $30,000+, all for the first volume of this series.


Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer complete localization to all works hosted under our banner. For novels that represent us, we quality check, market, and distribute our intellectual properties in-house. We also do contractual translation, with either direct translation or full localization as options.

How do we monetize our Intellectual Property?

For traditional web novels, we use our online platform complete with a built-in subscription service and advertisements for free users (with limited access to chapters). For web novels we turn into light novels, or volume-based content, we repackage these properties into Ebooks and print books. 

Where is Meteor Strike Media located?

Meteor Strike Media, LLC is based in Virginia of the United States. However, we have representatives in California, Oregon, and Vancouver, Canada. 

Do we need to meet in person to work together?

While it is recommended to meet in person, it is not strictly required. Updated copyright laws in both the United States and South Korea allow for intellectual property to be contracted and signed via Edocuments. 

How do we prevent piracy?

Meteor Strike Media is dedicated to stopping all attempts of piracy for us or our publishing partners. We have ample experience dealing with the processes related to stopping distribution of stolen content.


Meteor Strike Media is always looking to expand our professional connections and publishing partners! If you would like to work with us, please reach out to us at: